Shout the Secret: 

A Survivor's Guide Through Domestic Violence and

How to Thrive In Its Aftermath

“The power isn’t in keeping the secret; it’s in telling it.”

There’s a disease that’s crept into our cultures that nearly all people know by name… but don’t necessarily know how it’s defined.  Nearly everybody who’s ever heard of it understands that it’s plagued our families for decades, possibly centuries.  It’s multi-generational, cyclical, and destructive to every person in its path.  Yet, it’s one of the best kept secrets on the planet because it’s shrouded in shame, guilt, and a magnitude of other stigmas.  It continues to grow.  It’s overtaking and destroying families.  It’s overwhelming our court systems and keeping psychologists secure in their jobs for years to come.  We continue to keep the secret, however.  The plague is, of course, domestic violence.  Crystal Schwindt, a survivor of domestic violence in her own life says, “The power isn’t in keeping the secret; it’s in telling it.  And it’s time to empower victims and heal our families.”


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