Thank You...

You may not realize it yet, but, even though you've really not committed or obligated yourself to anything... you're way ahead of most people.

See, most will talk a good talk, but they fail to put any action behind it.

While it remains to be seen whether you'll follow-through, get my ebook, and actually use it (most, sadly, will not), you have at least taken the first step and clicked the button to put yourself on the "short list" for educating yourself, and, in my opinion, knowledge shared is power!

For that, I'm so honored and humbled to be a chosen part of your journey. I want you to know that I take that very seriously.

I've promised you a book with all the details of how to get started wholesaling with very little (maybe no, depending what you may already have laying around to use) money, and if there's one thing I am, that's it: True to my word. After all, integrity is the only thing we get to take with us when we leave this world.

Here's what's coming your way in the here 'n now, though:

The book is nearly complete, and, since you're on the pre-launch list, you'll get a personal email from me as soon as it's available.

That's not all, though.

While you wait I may also to send you some emails to help ensure your mind is framed correctly to combat the nay-sayers and bad voices inside your head that may tell you what I'm sharing is impossible. Remember: This isn't a book based in theory. This is what I've actually done!

And, when the book launches, I've got some other cool stuff planned to help you... if you're serious about getting started and seeing results. Nobody can force you to take or use them, of course, but I'm going to do my best to be sure everything I can think of is offered and available. Then... it's up to you.

So, kick back, be sure my emails don't go to your spam folder, and let's get pumped about kickin' off your real estate wholesaling venture!