“Rage of White Men” v 2nd Amendment Rights

II just read where a CNN article essentially blamed mass shootings since 1982 on the “rage of white men”.

Now, I’m not an overly statistical person, so I’m not even gonna front about that.  I’m also not an overly complacent or accepting person of and for all that seems to be wrong with our country these days.  Here’s what I AM, though:

1.  Tired of so many people just wanting to find a person or group to blame for our own inability to be accountable to and responsible for our own choices, decisions, and actions.

2.  People who just want to go around spewing negativity and falsehoods in a quest to further their own agenda and/or virtues.

3.  Those who are happy to complain about what others aren’t doing… doing too much of… not doing something “right”… but fail to have their own proverbial house in order first.

The issues of our country belong to ALL of us!  Yes, every single one of us.  Oh, yes.  You, too.

I know, I can hear the moaning and groaning.  Maybe even cussing and name-calling right now.  The thing is, however, there are FEW who are actually TRYING to stay neutral while STILL clinging to their own beliefs and values.  (And, yes, it IS possible.  I know because I do it all the time.)

Be a part of the SOLUTION and stop just being a part of the problem.  And, by the way, if you’re one of those who are, right now, saying, “Well, Crystal, I’m not part of the problem because (in this instance) I don’t own guns.  I’m not whacked out in the  head.  I don’t feel entitled — especially to the point where I’d go take from another — and work hard for everything I have.  I mind my own business.”  Look, that’s all great stuff, I guess, but let me enlighten you.

If you’re not part of the solution,
you ARE part of the problem.

It’s like seeing somebody get mugged but not intervening to help in some way.  You’re not the one who did it.  You didn’t suggest or cause it.  But you also did nothing to stop it, assist, or get help.

You may feel helpless in some kind of way.  I can see that.  You may think that one person can’t do much.  You may fear that if you intervene (especially in a potentially dangerous or life-threatening situation), you may be the one who finds themselves taking a permanent nap — leaving your own family and friends alone, without you.  I do understand that.  And, certainly, as a single mother when my son was younger, there were many times that I had those very thoughts when I’d notice things that brought out the “mama bear” in me.  Then I’d remember that — especially with the technology we have today — I don’t always have to put myself (or my child) in harm’s way to help another.

Truth guns 2nd amendmentIn this specific instance, I’m kinda guessing because there’s a lot of talk about gun control AGAIN, but I have yet to really hear a valid argument for it.  Outrage, I know… by some of you.  Let’s really look at this, though, because in some ways, the very thing many are fighting for are the very things that make us sitting ducks.


This man, I understand, acquired his firearms, ammunition, and accessories completely by legal means.  That’s not the case in many instances.  To me, that doesn’t mean it’s time to confiscate and ban guns; it means we need to re-evaluate the process for legally acquiring those things.  And, I hate to break the news to you, but for those who acquire guns illegally… you’re never going to stop it… because they don’t care about your gun laws, and they’re going to get what they want one way or another — as was so appropriately made painstakingly clear to me some time back by a law enforcement officer.

See, we as a people want to keep placing restrictions on the people who do “everything right” because of the few who do some things horrifically wrong.  And the Las Vegas incident was obviously horrifically wrong… as have been other mass shootings in our country’s history.  (In my personal opinion, ANY shooting that’s NOT a matter of self-defense is horrifically wrong.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s the loss of one life, 50 lives, 500 lives, or more.  Things like shootings, stabbings, and so on are 100% in the control of those controlling the weapon.)

As with most everything our country is afflicted with right now, the “gun” issue isn’t a “white man rage” issue.  It’s not the fault of ANY group or class of people (clearly taking terrorist groups and such out of the equation; that’s not what we’re talking about here); it’s a PEOPLE issue.

No weapon — not guns, bombs, knives, etc. — are harmless in-and-of themselves.  A gun on a shelf is no threat.  A bomb with no detonation is no threat.  A knife in a pocket is no threat.  The list goes on.  Until that weapon (And, by the way, there are common HOUSEHOLD items that can be used as weapons, too.  Are we going to ban all of them also??) is placed in the hands of somebody who — for whatever reason — feels it’s an okay thing to use it for their own purpose, it’s of no threat.

When we become so ruled by the fear that the belief that the only way to eliminate the fear is to eradicate the ITEM, we give away a piece of our freedom.  You want to take away my right to own a firearm and protect myself, my family, my home… because you “fear” some elusive “bad guy” might get a gun and use it in a bad way??  Well, when you do, you’ve now taken away my right to protect myself against the “bad guy” because…

NEWS FLASH:  the “bad guy” doesn’t care that it’s illegal to own a firearm, and, if “he” wants to get one, he’s gonna — in some way, shape, or form.  “Bad guys”, as a general rule, have no senses of honor in regards to only going after other “bad guys”.  They know who the “weak” are, and they prey upon them.  It’s what they do.  And, if you take away my right and ability to protect myself, you’ve now made me disproportionately weak and vulnerable against “him”.

This guy in Las Vegas.  He, I’m sure, thought himself to be powerful.  He had all those guns and ammunition.  He had some cool accessories for his guns.  He had a serious height advantage.  I tell you, however, he’s one of the biggest cowards who’s ever lived.  He preyed upon a group of people who were basically sitting ducks.  Not only had they done nothing to him personally, they were at such a huge disadvantage to his own level of “power” that there wasn’t even a challenge in the quest.  It’s like a hunter going after caged prey.

My heart bleeds for those who endured this tragedy.  For those who lost loved ones, and for those who survived and will forever have their lives changed as a result of how that may affect their ability to function normally for the rest of their lives.  No question.

But you know what?

Nobody wondered.  Nobody questioned.  Nobody got involved.  And (I’m guessing, although in this instance it wouldn’t have likely done any good — just given the circumstance of the situation.) nobody had their own protection.  They were sitting ducks in a barrel with a madman standing over them with a gun.  The proverbial mean kid looming over the ant hill with a magnifying glass on a sunny day.

When I walk into a place and see somebody with a firearm holstered, I don’t feel concern or worry.  When I walk into an establishment with a sign that says, “Open and concealed carry patrons welcome here”, I don’t feel concern or worry.  Why?  Because odds are in my favor that…

A.  Those people aren’t mentally unstable and

B.  If somebody who is mentally unstable tries something, my odds of walking out alive are dramatically increased.

I don’t know that we’ll ever find a fail-proof way of preventing things like this from happening because we, as a society, continue to accept and promote violence, violent scenes that bombard us and our children every day — through news, TV, movies, and so on.  Only when we, as a people, decide things like this will no longer be tolerated will it stop — although likely not before more blood is shed and more lives are lost because a battle will most assuredly have to ensue before the offenders and would-be offenders understand and accept the “new world” order.  That they’re NOT allowed to do things like this.

It’s not a race thing… political thing… gun thing… religion thing… gender thing…  It’s a people thing.

Are YOU, personally,
going to be a part of the problem…
or a part of the solution?

Choose now because if you think it’s going to get better before it gets worse, I’d have to disagree with you.  (Luke 22:36)

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