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As you may already know, 2015 marks the beginning of the enforcement of Obamacare… tax penalties and all.  Oh, there were plenty of people who screamed, hollered, and stomped their feet when Obamacare (aka the Affordable Healthcare Act) was in the planning and lobbying stages.  How do you suppose those same people are gonna to feel when they see the hit they may take on their taxes to be filed between now and April 15th for not having the very healthcare we were told Obamacare was supposed to provide for those who were unable to afford it, either through their employer or on their own, as an independent, private consumer??

I don’t know about you, but I already know people who are starting to file their 2014 tax returns – only to find out that penalty can be fairly hefty.  Some of these people actually TRIED to be diligent.  They tried to work enough hours at their job to qualify for the employer’s group plan.  They investigated the costs of the government-provided health insurance at the “Healthcare Marketplace”.  Heck, they even sought out the devil (aka insurance companies) to see what was available for individual, private consumers.  Bottom line:  Some of them couldn’t afford any of those options!  But wasn’t this supposed to be the “Affordable” Healthcare Act???

Just yesterday I got a text from a friend of mine.  It read,

“Holy sh*t!  Looks like I owe almost a grand in taxes this year.  WTF?”

Now, that isn’t all due to Obamacare, but a chunk of it is.  He didn’t have health insurance at his place of employment last year because he flat didn’t qualify.  It was fairly new employment, and, although he was full-time, he’d not crossed the threshold to participate in the employer-provided group health insurance plan.  I remember at the time, he’d checked the Healthcare Marketplace.  All those options were too expensive, too.  (Isn’t that an oxy-moron?  The health insurance provided by the “Affordable” Healthcare Act were too expensive??)

Do you suppose he’s the only one gonna have a fit when their tax returns are calculated and they see the end result of a forced healthcare system tied to a penalty from the IRS?  I doubt it.  While the actual results are obviously yet to be “seen”, I’d venture to say that those who will be hit hardest are gonna to be those in the socio-economic class(es) that were screaming loudest in favor of the Act when it was first in the making.  (It’s funny sometimes how such drastic short-sightedness can be brought into clear focus when the enforcement of such things begins to happen.)

SIDENOTE:  By the way, how is it even LEGAL that citizens be assessed a tax penalty for something totally unrelated to the payment and/or collection of their taxes???  And do you realize that the IRS isn’t even a part of the United States government?  Nope.  They’re a stand-alone organization.  WTF, indeed!

I was never a fan of this legislation, although I’m a HUGE fan of the IDEA behind the legislation; I just believe such legislation doesn’t really suit the purpose or the very citizens it’s said to help.

In my opinion, it’s like banks:  You erroneously (Hey, work with me, here; we’re giving people the benefit of the doubt.) over-draw your checking account and because you did that, the bank’s “courtesy” overdraft protection plan kicks in.  This is to prevent your check from being returned to the retailer/creditor and, presumably, incurring their fees for returned checks (usually $30, right?).  However, because you had to “ask” the bank to cover your IOU (aka check), the bank now assesses you an additional fee (usually between $15 and $30) per day, until you not only pay the overage amount, but all fees assessed up to that point.  Now, here’s where it gets good.  You already didn’t have enough money, right?  (Again, work with me.)  So let’s charge you more money (like, substantially more money) per day until you return your money back to our bank, along with self-directed fees being assessed against your account.

Where’s the logic in that?

Oh, and if you wonder what happens if you don’t rush right in to try to rectify (pay) the situation (fees):  They’re just taken from any and all future deposits until the “debt” is taken care of.  “Have a nice day!  We thank you for doing business with us.”

Will anybody ever be smart or courageous enough to repeal Obamacare?  Not likely at this point.  Or, should I just say how sorry I feel for the next person who’s our esteemed President?  That person may win the election, but, boy, are they ever inheriting some of the worst legislation and governmental acts in history.  “We the people” will fully expect them to whip things back in shape in, oh, what would you say?  A few months should be enough time, right?  Again, I’m unsure that a few terms would be enough.

I’d love to know, as we head into the 2015 tax season…

What’s your Obamacare news?


  1. I think to be fair to Obama care, there are plenty good along with some not so good things about the Affordable care. I am self employed, who lost my health insurance prior to Obama care, because our insurance company declined insurance for my wife who had a surgical operation, a week before surgery. Since then we could not get health insurance, until Obama care came in, my wife and a daughter in college, have insurance, and we pay $385.00 per month. So there are two sides to the coin, and we have over 10 million Americans who have health insurance that they either could not get, because of pr-existing conditions are other reason, but now, thanks to Obama care they have insurance coverage.

    • Dave,

      I’m sure there ARE some good points; afterall, even in “bad” situations there tends to be some good, right? That said, I certainly didn’t read the ENTIRE bill. Did you? Most (if not all) would honestly have to say, “No”. It’s not really the PREMISE of Obamacare that I oppose; I just don’t feel it’s the answer. It doesn’t fix what I see to be the crux of the problem — only the symptoms. Like giving aspirin to somebody for a toothache. Treating the symptom but not the root of the matter. The ROOT is likely insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Fix THEM, and the other things you speak of would probably be fixed also.

      I’m glad you and your family have found solace in what you’ve been offered… and I hope it proves to be the safe haven you think it is.

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