The Cure for Writer’s Block

Okay, so, I’ve not been feeling very well.  It seems nearly everybody who I spend time around on a daily or even regular kind of basis is or has been fighting some kind of icky sickness stuff.

First I start feeling some icky, achy stuff.  Then I get some pressure in my head, like, behind my eyes.  You know what I mean?  Then yesterday I just couldn’t do it.  My actual HEAD hurt… so I honestly slept part of my afternoon away.

And, yes, admittedly, it’s kinda messed up my writing vibe.  I hate when that happens!

Today, I still feel a bit out of sorts, but couldn’t quite grasp what, if anything, I had to offer of value.  So, I did what every normal person does:  started checking e-mail and surfing my social media sites. lol

Much to my surprise, I found myself so taken by a couple of musical videos that the resounding thought was, “THIS is the perfect way to end a week!  They must be shared.”

The first one is just amazing.  When this song first came out (No, I’m not gonna tell you what or who it is.  You’ll know it as soon as you start it, though; it’s almost guaranteed.), I really wasn’t too sure I was gonna like it.  I was gonna turn the channel.  (Yes, I’m “one of those”.  A channel-hopper.  Let a song come on I don’t care for, a commercial that takes too long, a commentator who goes off on a tangent that fails to grab my attention…  Poof!  Gone.  In an instant.)  My son kept coaxing me to “just wait” because he was SURE I was going to like it.  For whatever reason, I still didn’t — until several weeks after it had been released.  I guess it grew on me.  This video, though, was a slam-dunk the first time I saw it.  Check it out!

See what I mean?  It’s not over, though, so just hang tight.

My next and final selection is also a very popular song and one that’s also quite inspirational.  Empowering.  This one I can say I instantly liked the first time I heard it.  Again, though, I’d not seen any kind of video to or with it.  (I just don’t do much TV or even internet surfing in that way.)  These guys brought this song to me through a whole new light.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever think of it the same whenever I hear it.  See what you think.

Nothing short of incredible, right?

Okay, so I’ve been a bit cheesy.  It’s abnormal for me.  I already told you in a previous post about what a deep-thinker I am… and that’s true.  After a week like this one, though, and the way I’ve felt for the past few days… God just knew exactly what I needed and gave it right to me.

I hope you added longevity to your life today, as I have mine.  (Laughter and joyfulness has been proven to raise your vibration, improve your  health, and add years to your life.)

Oh, and, bonus:

They cured my writer’s block because I felt I just HAD to share them.

(Excuse me for being cheesy.  A word of caution if you’re a regular reader of my blog:  I’ve been told that my brain sometimes goes off in an entirely different direction sometimes.  I’m okay with it. 🙂 )

Hope you had a fantastic Friday!

Crystal Schwindt

P.S.  Another reason to like today?  It’s Financial Freedom Friday!  If you’re not a part, join here.  It’s free!

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  1. Tony Laufenberg

    Funny Video Crystal! I’m just starting to learn how to do this, sometimes I think the best thing to do is walk away and do something different or fun for just a bit to break that stuck energy and release it!
    Great post!

    • You’re welcome, Paul. I think sometimes we stress too much over finding “just the right” topic, making us “block”. Then, of course, there’s normal life stressors and such. I like humor as a pattern interrupt, but also find things like taking my dog for a walk or visiting with my son for a bit or maybe even just sitting in the quiet out in the sunshine to be helpful. Just getting my mind off it for a while.

    • Yes, Myra, it certainly does cause a mental shift. I think we sometimes put too much stress on ourselves, hence causing us to “block”. It’s amazing what taking your mind off of it can do for you. lol

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