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I’ve always enjoyed helping people with their finances.  In fact, I worked in the financial services industry for over six years, while holding licenses in the areas of loan brokering, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and securities (investments that I could establish for others, specifically a Series 6 and 63 license — IRAs, SEPS, Money Markets, etc., in the mutual fund sector).  So, I decided to initiate Financial Freedom Fridays open to the public, for free.

Initially, this was set up to be a weekly teleconference.  At the behest of the majority of participants, however, it seemed a weekly call (especially during the day) was difficult to “make”.  I get that… work, kids, personal business to be tended to that can ONLY be taken care of during normal working hours, etc.  So, an adjustment was made to a 1-time-a-month call.  Still, it seems, we still had the vast majority who simply are unable to hop on the phone from work and such — even for something as vital as becoming debt-free and moving toward financial independence.  My inquiries have revealed that perhaps another method of delivering this help would enable the most people to take advantage of this offer, thus improving their finances and quality of lives.

This, of course, is my mission with this project!

Here’s the now-bottom line:  I’ve broken this program down into email format, so you can receive the information, education, and assignments to review, print, and work on as your time allowsnot having to try to sneak to the restroom during work to catch a call. 🙂  (You know who you are… and I love you for it!)

What we’ll be dealing with:

  • Creative ways to reduce expenditures (including tips unknown to hidden consumers)
  • Effective ways to restructure, reduce, and eliminate debt faster than you ever thought possible
  • Budgeting techniques to take the stress and guesswork out of paying bills
  • The ability to interact and engage with others in a private group setting who are also focused on improving their financial situation and harness the positive energy and support, as well as leverage collective ideas  (I’ll personally be monitoring this group and popping in with ideas and feedback, too!)
  • … and MUCH more!

I want THIS to be the year YOU begin to live the life God intended!

There’s no denying, though, that, in today’s world, money is a tool we ALL need to learn about, manage, and leverage.

You’ve no-doubt heard the saying, “Money makes the world go ’round,” right?  Well, that’s true.  Most people, however, allow money to control them and their quality of life — instead of them controlling money and using it as the tool it’s meant to be.  And, let’s face it, the majority of us just aren’t raised learning real-world information on the topic and schools… hhmmm… don’t even get me started!

The end result being:

We, as adults, aren’t taught it, thus are unable to teach it to our children, and it’s not a normal part of the education process for kids, so they’re turned out of high-school having learned “personal finance”, which, if we’re lucky, means being able to balance and reconcile a checkbook.

If you’re happy living with the stress of having too much month at the end of your money…

…yet another year without a vacation — or settling for another “family reunion” when you really want a Carribbean getaway

…making excuses to not engage in social activities because you don’t have enough money

…telling your kids they can’t have things they want (and you’d really like to give them) because you “can’t afford it”

then this program is NOT for you.  In fact, I’d rather you not even sign up or request acceptance into the group.

If, however, you’re the person who is…

…ready for a better financial outlook in your life

…aware that change will be necessary and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen

…wanting to raise your quality of life — for yourself and potentially your children and future generations

enter your information below and become a part of MY family where knowledge (shared) is power and the possibilities are limitless!

Financial Freedom Friday – Join the Family and Grow Your Wealth

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