Shane and Gina Rudman

How Shane Rudman Has Elevated My Life

There are people in my life who I can say quite literally changed who I was and the way I looked at the world. I first “met” Shane Rudman via an audio I was given while in my first network marketing venture. Then I had the profound opportunity to not only physically meet but be personally mentored by him for a while. His view of people and the world forever changed my own perspectives on people and life, in general. So, Shane, if you’re reading this… THANK YOU! You still remain one of the few people I feel blessed to have ever encountered and to be a hero in my life.

Prior to having the “Shane Rudman” experience, I always felt I was meant to “be more”; it just probably didn’t seem real… possible…

Shane taught me that even adversity usually has a silver lining if you choose to seek it out — and when you do, your whole world can shift on its axis.

To this day, I have a sometimes still listen to a CD from an event with Shane Rudman. He opens the CD by saying that he created it to create a “stop gap”, if you will… a place in time where, whenever you’re doubting yourself or life or whatever’s going on in your life, you can listen to that CD and it will “remind” you… take you back to that specific moment in time so you can feel again what you felt just then. Even now, when I think of this CD, Shane, my encounters and conversations with him, etc., I’m “taken back” to a place and time when he reminded me that ANYTHING is possible. Because of that, I’ve also been able to raise a child who lives by a creed that says, “ANYTHING is possible!” (And I haven’t worked in that company for over eight years now.)

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