Edit Microsoft Office Attachments in Gmail, Compliments of Google Drive

Google Drive now enables you to edit Microsoft Office documents sent to you as attachments via Gmail!

It appears the days of copy+paste, conversion, and other drawn-out tactics to edit the Office documents emailed to you are over – at least if they’re sent to you via Gmail… and you utilize the new tool announced today by Google.  Convenience, convenience, convenience.  We always knew the players were big… but they just got bigger.

Simply click the Google Drive icon that’s now present in your email when an attachment is present, and you can automatically convert them to Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets.  And… BONUS!  You can put save it in the cloud-based Google Drive, so it’s available to you anywhere you are – where there’s an internet connection, of course – with revision history.

Take a look:


Google Drive also has support for an additional 15 Office formats including dot, dotx, dotm*, and docm* to Google Docs; xlt, xltx, xltm*, and xlsm* to Google Sheets; and pot, potx, potm*, pps, ppsx, and ppsm* to Google Slides.  Without too much detail, Google says these formats will arm you with “improved charts, images, and tables support.”

Some would argue that this just adds another notch in the battle between the two behemoths:  Google and Microsoft.  Both offer very similar products and continue to pull them closer and closer to integration; I’m sure in an attempt to secure more and more of the marketplace. 

Both companies have their advantages, but, seemingly in slightly different arenas:  Microsoft with Office Online, Outlook, and OneDrive and Google with Google Drive and Gmail.

Who will be the ultimate winner?

I say… YOU!

Check it out now, then come back and leave a comment with your thoughts.

~ Crystal