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The Cure for Writer’s Block

Okay, so, I’ve not been feeling very well.  It seems nearly everybody who I spend time around on a daily or even regular kind of basis is or has been fighting some kind of icky sickness stuff.

First I start feeling some icky, achy stuff.  Then I get some pressure in my head, like, behind my eyes.  You know what I mean?  Then yesterday I just couldn’t do it.  My actual HEAD hurt… so I honestly slept part of my afternoon away.

And, yes, admittedly, it’s kinda messed up my writing vibe.  I hate when that happens!

Today, I still feel a bit out of sorts, but couldn’t quite grasp what, if anything, I had to offer of value.  So, I did what every normal person does:  started checking e-mail and surfing my social media sites. lol

Much to my surprise, I found myself so taken by a couple of musical videos that the resounding thought was, “THIS is the perfect way to end a week!  They must be shared.”

The first one is just amazing.  When this song first came out (No, I’m not gonna tell you what or who it is.  You’ll know it as soon as you start it, though; it’s almost guaranteed.), I really wasn’t too sure I was gonna like it.  I was gonna turn the channel.  (Yes, I’m “one of those”.  A channel-hopper.  Let a song come on I don’t care for, a commercial that takes too long, a commentator who goes off on a tangent that fails to grab my attention…  Poof!  Gone.  In an instant.)  My son kept coaxing me to “just wait” because he was SURE I was going to like it.  For whatever reason, I still didn’t — until several weeks after it had been released.  I guess it grew on me.  This video, though, was a slam-dunk the first time I saw it.  Check it out!

See what I mean?  It’s not over, though, so just hang tight.

My next and final selection is also a very popular song and one that’s also quite inspirational.  Empowering.  This one I can say I instantly liked the first time I heard it.  Again, though, I’d not seen any kind of video to or with it.  (I just don’t do much TV or even internet surfing in that way.)  These guys brought this song to me through a whole new light.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever think of it the same whenever I hear it.  See what you think.

Nothing short of incredible, right?

Okay, so I’ve been a bit cheesy.  It’s abnormal for me.  I already told you in a previous post about what a deep-thinker I am… and that’s true.  After a week like this one, though, and the way I’ve felt for the past few days… God just knew exactly what I needed and gave it right to me.

I hope you added longevity to your life today, as I have mine.  (Laughter and joyfulness has been proven to raise your vibration, improve your  health, and add years to your life.)

Oh, and, bonus:

They cured my writer’s block because I felt I just HAD to share them.

(Excuse me for being cheesy.  A word of caution if you’re a regular reader of my blog:  I’ve been told that my brain sometimes goes off in an entirely different direction sometimes.  I’m okay with it. ūüôā )

Hope you had a fantastic Friday!

Crystal Schwindt

P.S.  Another reason to like today?  It’s Financial Freedom Friday!  If you’re not a part, join here.  It’s free!

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Briggs Meyers Personality Tests: Are They Accurate?

If you’ve ever taken a personality test, you’ve probably rolled your eyes in disdain and thought to yourself,

“What a crock!”

Am I right? ¬†I’ve taken several in my lifetime and have, for the most part, always read the results thinking, “Eh, that’s¬†kinda like me.” ¬†This time, however, I think I’ve found the Holy Grail of Briggs Meyers 16 personality tests — and the BEST part? ¬†It’s FREE to take!

Mike Dillard, a mentor of mine, (If you’re familiar at all with the world of network marketing and/or online businesses, you’ve likely heard his name. ūüôā ) recommended I take it, as a course of finding clarity in¬†who I am (I’d already done a lot of soul-searching in my life, so this wasn’t a far-fetched leap.), why I do the things I do or have the reactions I have, the kinds of relationships that will suit me best, the top career choices for me, and, truly, a whole lot more. ¬†Now, I’m coachable, so I did as instructed… still a bit, like, “Okay, whatever.” ¬†When done, however, I have to say, Mike was right on point!

The premise behind these kinds of tests is that we all have a variety of personality¬†types, to varying degrees, within us. ¬†What’s the norm, though, is that one trait is very dominant, while the others (although still present) are somewhat removed, thus allowing us to be identified by a specific type or combination of types. ¬†The same is true of this particular personality test. ¬†This one kinda forced me to look at a few things I knew was happening but didn’t fully understand the motivation behind what was happening.

For example, I KNOW I’m very principally-based. ¬†By default, things like honesty, trust, communication, and respect are paramount in my world. ¬†Well, I’d always sort of written off my entrepreneurial bug as an “authority issue” (which I’ll openly lay claim to, regardless lol), also became clear to me that, more often than not, is a matter of losing respect for a manager or upline who had broken one of these major links with me — most likely never being able to re-establish it. ¬†I pondered it for a bit… then agree 100%, as I reflect on previous jobs, managers, who worked well and who didn’t, who started off as great and why they didn’t end up that way, etc.

So, I FULLY endorse and encourage you to take this simple 10-15 minute test for yourself by clicking here.

16 Personalities Logo

Another example would be that I’d always “known” I was, mmmmm, let’s say¬†different, okay? ¬†And, honestly, I came to terms with this as a child and am perfectly fine with having a fairly unique perspective, personality, will, and so on. ¬†Until taking this test, I didn’t know exactly¬†how different. ¬†See, according to¬†my results, I’m an INTJ. ¬†As such, I have “one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types”, with only 2% of the population sharing my time. ¬†It doesn’t stop there, though, because… as a woman, I’m even more rare: ¬†Only .8% of the female population share my personality type combination. ¬†Who knew??? ¬†Depending whether the glass is “half full” or “half empty”, I suppose this could be seen as a blessing or curse. ¬†I, personally, choose to think of myself as¬†extra special. ¬†What about you?

(Oh yeah… more and more companies are incorporating this kind of testing into their application and interviewing processes. ¬†Shouldn’t you know the results before they do???)

Find out your OWN Briggs-Meyers 16 personality results

— and don’t forget to share the party with your friends. ūüôā

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