So, you wanna be a blogger, huh?

It's admirable.  And, it's certainly among my strategies for additional income streams.

I'd also say, however, if you're looking for something FAST, you may want to try something else.  Why?  Because, although there are a number of ways to add "juice" to your blog and make it income-producing more quickly, a blog is just that -- a blog.  It requires content.  Consistent content.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be ultra-frequent.  Those who blog are split on this contention.  Some will tell you it needs to be daily, while others will tell you to just pick a schedule and stick to it.  If you're on the fence about which advice to listen to, I'd say I'm more a fan of what I call the "Consistency Factor", which is, of course, the scheduling choice.  Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly (I really wouldn't go beyond this -- especially if you want to derive some kind of stable income from it.), choose what works best for you, put it on your calendar, and do not deviate.

The nice thing about blogging is the "juice".  You know, "the secret sauce" that you can add to your blog (beginning on day 1 -- In fact, I'd say you're crazy if you don't!) that will help generate traffic... thus income.

getting "rich" this way*, but I have friends who earn thousands of dollars a month with this one strategy.  And, it's at least enough to replace their j-o-b income so they can quit, blog, and even pursue other ventures if they choose.

  • Affiliate Marketing -- If you're into (or wanting to get into) affiliate marketing, most product providers will give their affiliates banners, ads, etc. to add to their sites and blogs to promote their product.  People visit your blog, see the "ad", click on it, and buy... You get paid!  It's like a finder's or referral fee paid to you for helping the product provider.

Yes, all of this requires traffic.

So how do you get it?

Again, mixed views.  The list can be extensive, but it all starts with a choice.  Or, at least a serious talk with yourself about your goals and budget.  If you have little-to-no budget, you need organic (aka non-paid) traffic.  Most people now turn to social media to generate this.  Create a "buzz" on your social media account(s), direct visitors back to your blog, and, voila!, you've got traffic.  It takes a bit.  That's the disclaimer.  And, you either need to have or need to build a following for this to be successful.

See, I have some people who still write to me and ask:  "...but HOW do I earn income from my blog?"  It's a fair question.  Especially if you're new to blogging and/or the online world.  You don't have to be an aeronautical genius to realize that a blog IS posted content.  Videos.  Audios (aka podcast).  Articles.  Really, the content is up to you.  That's cool, eh?  Sure.  You're creative, so it can be whatever you like.  Might I suggest the content itself be something you're actually passionate about, though.  Otherwise, you've just created another j-o-b for yourself, and I doubt that's why you're interested in blogging. 🙂  So... the short answer to this question is...  Blogging income is actually derived by what you DO with your blog moreso than what you put ON it.

What do I mean?  Things like:

  • Selling ad space on your blog - It will need to be producing high-traffic.  Just like other venues, advertisers want to be sure their ads are being seen and money is being invested wisely.  A low-traffic blog provides neither for a would-be advertiser.
  • Adsense - This is a great option -- especially if you're new to blogging, non-tech savvy, etc.  Yes, the reviews are mixed on this, too.  (Aren't they on just about everything??)  I'll be honest with you.  I don't see you ever

There's also the option of organic traffic by posting articles and/or comments in forums, on other peoples' blogs (as a guest blogger), and so on.  Yes, time is involved.  Time creating, posting, and inquiring.

I'd even tell you SEO can help.  Some would disagree and say SEO is an out-of-date way to generate traffic.  In my opinion, there's some credence to that way of thinking.  Still, good SEO never hurts.  SEO is all about ranking on search engines.  There is a faster way to get your blog crawled, submitted, and ranking -- for free.  Just use Google's Search Console.

Only you can decide whether or not you're a true blogger at heart.  (Yes, you can even out-source your blog articles by getting a ghost-writer.)  If you believe you want to pursue this as one of your streams of income.  I've made up a cheat-sheet (checklist, if you will) to help get you started.

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