Crystal SchwindtLook, my life probably started out similar to most -- better than some, worse than others.

My mom and real dad divorced when I was very young, and my mom remarried.  I'd have never even known the difference, had I not been told.  My childhood:  Eh, black sheep of the family; book worm; lone wolf; "good" kid; good grades; quiet; determined; motivated; level head... blah, blah, blah, right?  Estranged from my real dad, really, all my life.  (He passed in 2007.  I had a WONDERFUL six months or so of a telephone relationship with him just prior to that, though.  I'm jus sayin'. 🙂

High school ticked me off.  Did just enough to get through it.  (I "attended", just in various places, times, etc.  I didn't jeopardize my GPA at all.)  I wasn't much into sports or even clubs, really.  I was a member of drill team (and loved it... except for some of the mean, snooty girls), and I had a swweeeet 1967 Ford Mustang that my "bonus" dad had restored for me.  (Yep, I got rid of it when I was about 19 -- for a pretty blue Trans Am.  It was faster... sportier...  I know, I know.  Kick me now and put me out of my misery! lol)

Kind of hop-scotched around the country a bit from 18 to about 20-ish.  Made some really bad, dumb decisions.  Learned some valuable lessons... about life, love, and business.  Heck, I was even homeless, living in my car with my white German Shepherd, Zak for a period of time.

I went on to community college with a double major of Business and Pre-Law.  (Yep, set out to be an attorney and save the world -- until I learned how the REAL world of law works.  Then I decided that me and my conscience couldn't do it.  And, I've never been cut out to be a paper-pusher, although have always worked white collar jobs -- when I worked traditional jobs, that is.)  Abandoned college just shy of my Associates Degree, but still as an honored member of Phi Theta Kappa.  (Look up the qualifications; you'll find I'm not really a "dummy". 🙂 )

Took guardianship of my neice (14 years my junior) one month prior to my wedding, inherited a full-time (sole custody) "bonus" son upon my wedding day, and gave birth to a son about a year later.  It's a lot, right?  It gets better, though.

See, when I found out I was pregnant, I also found out that my now-ex-husband had been cheating on me.  (I'd suspected but didn't have proof until then.)  He, by the way, had also began to become fairly domineering, controlling, and showed a blossoming abusive conduct -- verbal, mental, emotional, physical, and financial.

I tried to stay for a while, but the one attempt at counseling that he agreed to proved to be futile.  Then, in, literally, one 24-hour span, my marriage exploded and, everybody split.  In short, my neice (then 18) loaded up her car and left our house, never to return.  My ex-husband was taken to jail for a "cooling off" period.  My "bonus" son went to his paternal grandparents (because, by law, step-parents aren't given "those" kinds of rights without a HUGE court battle).  And, my son and I were assisted by family who, no joke, showed up with a few trucks, helped me load up the things belonging to us, and we left.  (We never went back to that house.)

Our house ended up in foreclosure.  My credit was shot.  (He didn't care about his.  It was horrible when we met, and, it was going to be horrible again.  So what!)  And, I was officially a single -- unemployed, I might add -- mom... because I'd quit working outside the home when our son was born.

I'd not worked a traditional corporate job for about two years.  I gave it a shot, though.  I still had very marketable skills, so getting a job wasn't too difficult.  That single parent thing, though... along with an ex-husband who continued to stalk and abuse.  Court hearings, PFAs, the guilt of leaving my child with other people to raise...  WHY did I have to choose?  It didn't seem fair.  I shouldn't have to choose between raising my son and being able to provide for us financially!  (Yes, my ex-husband was suppose to pay child support.  That's a whole other story for a totally different time, though.  Let's just say I currently have multiple judgments against him, and he's still in arrears.)  The "system" is so messed up!!  So, I took the entrepreneurial spirit that hit me late in high school and began searching.

I was introduced to one company that I still really like to this day.  I was offered an Independent Contractor position with them, and took it.  The long-term "perks" were incredible.  There were some bumps in the road, let's say.  Then I encountered a few hills.  (Envy, jealousy, and insecurities are really such ugly characteristics.  My advice?  Stay away from them. 🙂 )  Well, I left that company about six years later.

Then, after one court hearing in particular (My ex-husband had managed to manipulate an attorney into a court hearing giving him custody without giving me proper notification.  But -- granted, lots of money -- I got another attorney and, although it took a bit, was able to get that ruling set aside... because they couldn't prove I'd received notice of the hearing... which I missed, and he was awarded what he wanted by default.), my attorney advised me to think about moving.  Exactly two weeks later, my son and I were in a domestic violence shelter in another city and county.  No job.  No home.  No friends or family.  No savings.  Two days to get my son enrolled in school.  And guess what?  By the grace of God and angels He put in my path, I was able to secure an apartment, get offered a job, and get my son enrolled... in 48 HOURS!!

Those years were clearly not my greatest.  Lots of havoc and chaos.  Ongoing.  Eight years of consecutive PFAs.  "Corporate" jobs unwilling to be "family-friendly", making me feel guilty for wanting to do both -- make a good living AND be a great, present mom.

Then, as I said, my real dad passed.  Although the knowledge of my reality had never left me and the fact that I KNEW a "normal" job would NEVERprovide me with the life I dreamed of for me and my son, I also knew I had to "provide".  During that time, however, that "fire" began burning yet again.  There had to be a way out!  And the search was on.

I "tried" many things... some avenues of business I still conduct because it's become a part of my long-term portfolio and strategy -- for myself and the legacy I want to leave for my son and whatever family he may create for himself and how I want that legacy to impact the lives of domestic violence survivors for generations to come.

Anyway, I digress, I'm sorry.

Bottom line:  I bought a LOT of stuff, and I spent a LOT of money!  Now, I learned some things, too; I don't mean to make it sound like it was a total waste.  I just never learned enough to really catch traction or have any level of what I'd consider true success, ya know?  We still struggled.

Then, I decided to leverage what I'd learned and my association with other companies and experiences with another business opportunity, creating my own business model.  Now, my goals are being achieved, and my dreams are coming to fruition.  Life is GOOD!

I get to spend my time doing great things I enjoy with those who I love and enjoy.  I enjoy a quality of life -- financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- most never see.  I'm now surrounded by abundance, millionaires, happiness, and prosperity.  It's a true blessing!  The funny thing:  It didn't cost me a fortune to get started.

I have ZERO regrets!

See, I know about pain.  Pain in life.  The pain of not being able to "afford" things my son and I wanted or needed, living paycheck-to-paycheck and just scraping by.  The pain of not being able to take vacations that were spectacular; you know, the kind that really create life-long memories.  The pain of clocking in and out at a job that demanded I put them before my family.  Do you feel me??

Now it's "go" time.

I want to bring a few people with me on this amazing journey who also want to live a life like mine.  I want to give an opportunity to a select group of individuals, just like my friend Nick gave me.  The question is:  Are YOU one among the elite who I will personally work with to help YOUR dreams come to fruition?

  • Do you seek freedom from your j-o-b?
  • Do you want time to enjoy the things and people who you love?
  • Do you want to be debt-free and financially able to get, do, and see whatever you want, when you want, with whomever you want?
  • Are you serious in the pursuit of your dreams and goals?

If you answered yes, connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn, then either post or message me and, together, we'll decide the best place for you to start.