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About Crystal

Crystal Schwindt is an entrepreneur in Kansas.  She began her entrepreneurial quest at the age of 19 using a business model she'd learned from entrepreneurs she'd met at Incline Village, Nevada.  This failed, however. After a bit of moving and living in different states, she returned to Kansas and settled down to a more corporatized job.  She was unable to shake the entrepreneurial bug, though, and, at the age of 23 entered the world of network marketing while also working her full-time corporate job and attending college full-time with a dual-major of Business and Pre-Law.  This first attempt at multi-level marketing failed also. Continuing her work in the corporate arena while pursuing her education, Crystal inherited an instant family by accepting guardianship of her niece and marrying a a man with sole custody of a young son in 1995.  A little over a year later, she gave birth to her own son.  Life had intervened, certainly. In early 1997, she terminated her corporate job at the end of her maternity leave, in pursuit of being a stay-at-home mom.  Two years later she was divorced and trying to figure out how to support herself and her son while still keeping her priorities straight, so she stepped back into network marketing... successfully. Since that time, her life has taken many twists and turns, leading her in various directions.  Because of this, she now has a very diverse skillset and knowledge base which has served her well. She now dedicates the majority of her professional time mentoring others striving to achieve success in the areas of her expertise.  This is her passion.

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As a survivor of a torrid domestic violence experience that lasted over seven years (post-divorce), Crystal felt a calling to help others who find themselves in this very difficult situation.  Not only is it troubling on a personal level, the legal system and society tend to make it even more difficult -- on the survivor.  If you or somebody you know is going through this (Statistically, nearly all of us are, will, or have.  It's sad.), be sure to get the proper information:  What to do to survive; How to maneuver the legal system (often without an attorney); and How to get your life back on track afterward, so you can be joyful and live the life you were meant to.



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